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The Perfect Arthritis, Rehabilitation & Daily Living Aids

Prevent and reduce repetitive strain injury

Relieve strain and tension from gardening activities

Consistently hit better shots

Approved by healthcare professionals for rehabilitation of patients

Increase grip strength and relieve tension from aching joints

Relieves pain from repetitive tasks

Instantly enhances sports performance

Relieves all tension in the forearm & wrists




Gripeeze® is a range of comfortable, fashionable gloves and mittens specially designed to strengthen the grip and improve hand dexterity of professional builders, sport enthusiasts and individuals. Its unique patented strapping system makes it easy to use and will give you the ultimate grip for a longer period of time by significantly reducing the tension in your forearms and wrists.

Gripeeze® gloves will help prevent repetitive strain injuries and can relieve pain from of hand conditions such as arthritis. Gripeeze® gloves, a Class 1 Medical Device, are also approved by healthcare professionals for the rehabilitation of patients affected by stroke, spinal or brain injury, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy.