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Grip Aid Products Give You a Better Quality Of Life

 Grip Aid Products Give You a Better Quality Of Life

Grip Aids products are manufactured to aid the end user enhance the grip on a multitude of objects in sports and in recreation. Each glove is specifically designed to help the end user improve the control they have on an object by taking the strain away from the wrist and hand with the use of the unique patented strapping system. Sufferers of short or long term loss of grip through injury or medical condition find this product appealing as it allows the end user to continue in sports or recreation without the worry that their grip will be lost. Stroke patients and arthritis sufferers are amongst those users who benefit as the patented strapping system helps to ease pain and strain when carrying out repetitive or strenuous tasks.

Through our research we have found that that for sufferers of medical conditions such as arthritis and stroke are in there late and early adult life and find that independence is regained when using our products in whichever discipline they wish to take on. Younger, healthier adults, male and female find the products useful on improving or enhancing their tasks and serving less strain on the wrists and hands when carrying out these tasks, mostly relative to racket sports and golf and fishing where repetitive movement is constant.

Medical Conditions that our products help to aid

  • Arthritis
  • Stroke
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sports Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


What Problems Grip Aid gloves solve

  • We help to get people back to physical activity
  • Enhances grip control on a number of objects
  • Improves sports performance & general activity
  • Aids in rehabilitation & sports injury
  • Lessens the chances of long term injury
  • Combats RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)


Each one of our unique aids has the patented Gripeeze® strap that gives the end-user the full locked in grip that makes a painful grip less strained or a weak and poor grip stronger and more firm. For the physically fit you will see improvement in your grip and results in less strain on the hand and wrist which saves every user the chance of long term damage to wrist and hands. For users that suffer from a physical or medical condition our unique aids will help to rehabilitate and sooth aching joints and limbs.  


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