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The #1 Arthritis Therapy, Rehabilitation, & Daily Living Aids


The #1 Arthritis, Therapy, Rehabilitation, & Daily Living Aids

Gripeeze Gloves & Devices are uniquely designed with a patented strapping that relieves tension from the hands, fingers, forearm and wrists whilst giving you a super strong locked in grip by transferring weight away from the forearm hands and wrists.

 For sufferers of hand ailments or muscle dysfunctions that affect the use of their hands our solutions are perfect for a number of conditions such as;

  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Injury Patients
  • Stroke Patients
  • MS
  • CP
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Prosthetic Users
  • RSI
  • Tetraplegia
  • Quadraplegia








Healthcare professionals use our easy to apply gloves and devices as alternative options to rehabilitate patients when working on the arm and muscles affecting the patients grip or hold on objects. People are amazed at how simple and effective our system is in making use of rehabilitation and gym equipment for spinal patients, stroke patients and may more so much easier.

Our patented strapping system has been approved and reviewed by medical professionals and Level 5 sports therapists and is now recommended for use in rehabilitation and prevention of hand injuries, also for support aid purposes for the disabled and sufferers of long term medical conditions.

What Makes Gripeeze Different From Other Aids

The Gripeeze system is a wrist to knuckle strapping system which locks your grip into place with the use of the simple to use Velcro strap which can be applied a lot easier than most of the current device that are available on the market to date. Grip Aid Ltd have expanded the Gripeeze range to not only include a device, glove or mitten that only gets your grip back but we have focused on the comfort and practicality of the wearer also by selecting choice materials and specialist design we have successfully made adaptations to a number of commonly used gloves to use our unique system meaning for whatever activity you wish to take part in you have a choice of specific device , glove or mitten rather than just one aid for all tasks which may not be practical for that specific activity. 

Our Aim 

Our aim is to return as many people as possible back to activity as possible and continue to develop products that can help to aid more conditions.

I’m A Long Term Sufferer of A Grip Problem , Can Your Devices Help?

The answer is yes, within our range we have specialist devices that can suit a number of conditions and make it comfortable for the wearer no matter what the conditions are. Since we have started selling Gripeeze products we constantly rely on our customers and health organisations to help aid our feedback and product development to ensure we are supplying you with the best possible device for your every day or intermittent needs. We have options for more severely disabled people as well as those that are still able bodied making our products ensure that they benefit as many people as possible.

Registered as Class 1 Medical Devices (Fingerless Mittens & Elastic Tube Grips) EN420 Classified (Home & Garden Gloves, DIY & Garden Gloves)