Amazing Feedback For Our Gripeeze Gloves

by mrgripeeze on June 18, 2014

We ask all of our customers to send us some feedback on our products and the service they have received.

Here is  some Amazing Feedback For Our Gripeeze Gloves from a customer in Toronto, Canada called Norbert.

Hello Chloe

PLEASE convey my warm thanks to your boss. I received the products he sent and I was humbled by his generosity.

My right hand is crippled and has no ability to function, albeit I still have feeling. I was a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and I can’t even work the buttons on my shirt now.  Yet fitness and being active remains pivotal in my new life.  The tube glove suddenly allows me to grip the handles on my hand peddling machine and exercise.  This is no small feat, although it may sound that way to others.  Also, the exercise glove allows me to grip my rubber workout bands to do weight exercises.  And this weekend I am excited to try out one of the gloves on my kayak. 

Thank you for the brochures too.  I will bring a few to the Toronto Rehab Centre this Thursday.  It is my last OT session there as I have reached the limit of my treatments.  But next month I begin in the newly formed “Extremities” department at the Rehab Centre.  I’ll save some brochures for them too as they specialize in hand rehabilitation.  They will gain the most from your products. Once again Chloe, thanks so much for caring and for helping.

Best wishes


As you can see our gloves change peoples lives and help them getting back to doing things that they love.

If you have any problems with your grip and it is stopping you doing the things you love get your Gripeeze Glove today.

Keep reading our blogs for any updated news on our Gripeeze Product Range!


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