A Day on Site With Our Gripeeze Gloves..

by mrgripeeze on April 7, 2015

A Day on Site..

I spent a day on site with my good friend Kenny Mcginity and his lads.

They was testing out our versatile Gripeeze Home & Garden Gloves.

IMG_3701      IMG_3694

The lads had an instant liking to the flexibility and comfort of the gloves! They couldn’t believe how strong they was

and how the weight of the render and the hawk disappeared through our unique strapping system.

IMG_3707 A massive point to them was that the strap could wrap away and so did nOt interfere with the job at

hand when not needed! It can be easily applied to a bucket of water etc to take away all the dead weight up the arm.


Thanks so much to Kenny and his lads for trying out our gloves and giving us their feedback!
For more information on our Gripeeze products keep checking out our blog!


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