Grip Aid Goes Global – How You Can Purchase Gripeeze

by mrgripeeze on November 21, 2013

Grip Aid goes Global

One must be thinking where to buy how to buy Gripeeze products? Here is the global solution.

Grip Aid Ltd _ manufactures of Gripeeze & Grip-Par Gloves, Mittens & Devices

The primary goal of Grip Aid Ltd UK is not only to make specialty products, but also make available these products globally with out any difficulty to the buyers. So now people from UK, USA, France and Germany, can buy these Grip Aid Ltd products on amazon, all you got to do is visit our product lists available on &  Worldwide shipping is also avaliable for only £5.95 on




Purchasing online has never been easier since we sell direct to the end user and to trade since 2012. You can find our products all over the internet and have taken the time to work on fair shipping rates for all our customers. We are also part of the amazon fulfillment program and amazon customers can enjoy FREE SHIPPING


Grip Aid Ltd are activley looking for distributors of our products all over the UK, Europe and the US. Since the inception of the company we have seen the interest in our unique system grown from strength to strength and we are happy to be making a change to a growing number of peoples lives all over the world. We started from humble beginnings and will continue to grow and develop our range to aid more and more people return to independence and feel thew complete benfits of what our unique product range of gloves, mittens and devices.

Online at we have a range of videos explain just how our gloves, mittens and devices work in simple step by step and easy to follow video instructions. With the launch of our new mobile site you can also view all our videos directly from our YouTube channel.




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