Grip & Wrist Support In One Simple Device & New Fingerless Mittens

by mrgripeeze on October 22, 2013

INTRODUCING : The New Fingerless Mittens & The Elastic Grip & Wrist Support

Wrist Support & Grip Support

Gripeeze ® FINGERLESS Mitten & Gripeeze ® Elastic Grip & Wrist Supports  are perfect for rehabilitation, Sports Injuries and any other Medical conditions such as Arthritis these conditions effect the grip in the hands.

Gripeeze Elastic Grip & Wrist Support 


Our tube system offers wrist support and grip support at the same time. When used the wearer immediately feels the support on the wrist and once the strap applied the relief of tension around the hand wrist and forearm relaxing any painful joints and muscles whilst maintaining function of your hand. Our Elastic Tube Grip & Wrist Supports are perfect for rehabilitation and therapy of a number of conditions including;

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • (RSI) repetitive Strain Injury,
  • Arthritis
  • Cramps or Poor Circulation,
  • MS
  • Spinal Injury
  • Quadriplegia


Fingerless Mitten 715px x 315px 1



Gripeeze Fingerless Mittens for Rehabilitation

The Finger less Mitten works just like a mitten with the top half of the fingers cut off. The mittens then have a small loop on the inside just above your knuckle so the wearer may then place their middle finger in between for more support if required. This open glove idea then applies the wrist to knuckle strapping system to lock the wearer into a grip position at their own comfort.

Made of a Neoprene body the mittens are comfortable and discrete to use. Out of our entire range the Fingerless Mittens have been praised for their comfort, easy of use and durability. Ideal for use on/for;

  • Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Gym Equipment
  • Stroke Victims for Rehabilitation
  • Long Term Grip Problems


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