Gripeeze Fishing Gloves!

by mrgripeeze on April 8, 2014

Bransford Game Fishery with Des Taylor using the Gripeeze Fishing Gloves.

Our Gripeeze Fishing Gloves are now used by Des Taylor, Fisherman and Angling times Columnist.

We headed dow to Bramsford Game Fishery and tried out our Gripeeze fishing glove!

Our fishing gloves  use neoprene materials and our strapping system to give you the best comfort and relief from any strain or tension when in use. We have made the forefingers and thumb fingerless so that you can get more feel of your line and included the wrap away system so you can tuck neatly away the strapping system when not required.

The gloves have a double wrist strapping system that ensures your wrists are supported just as good as your grip when the Velcro straps are applied. The wrist support straps are fully adjustable so you can adjust to comfort without any difficulty and both the gloves are easy to put on for those that can use a conventional glove.

A while back Des Taylor injured his arm and wrist and struggled to fish for long periods of time without strain, but not anymore! The Gripeeze Fishing glove and unique strapping system has helped with the strain and gives comfort and relaxed movement while he is fishing. Now Des is able to enjoy doing what he loves the most, fishing!

Bransford Game Fishery just outside the City of Worcester is certainly the place to go if you want your string pulled by full tailed hard fighting rainbows. Within the space of just an hour Des had caught 5 trout! truly great day with an amazing fisherman!

Our gloves are perfect for rehabilitation and sports therapy. If you have any hand injuries or strains then the Gripeeze Fishing glove is for you! we fit all your needs and requirements, Get yours today.

Check the video out, it speaks for itself!

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