Gripeeze Gloves Strike Again..

by mrgripeeze on May 6, 2015

Young 5 Year Old Boy Using Gripeeze Gloves…


Our customer Marguerita,  all the way from USA has been working with a young 5 year old Colin

who has a right side paralysis.

Marguerita was trying to teach him how to hit with a baseball

bat so that he can participate in summer sports.

We sent over our Fingerless Mitten as well as our Elastic Tube Grip to see if these would help!

Colin-5 Years Old  Mar 2

If you click on the link below it shows you the young boy wearing our Gripeeze Fingerless Mitten holding the baseball bat with ease and playing which is fantastic to see!

Young 5 year old using Gripeeze Gloves..

Marguerita said – ” I have tried the mitten with my little boy and it’s working great.  I will definitely order your product again and It has been very nice doing business with you.

Thank you for your help.”


We are thrilled that our gloves help all different types of people from all agers with all different types of hand issues.

For more information on our Gripeeze Products keep checking our blog!

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