Gripeeze Sports Glove- Best Sports Gloves for Grip

by mrgripeeze on August 12, 2013

 How to wear Gripeeze ® Sports Glove.  simple steps. – The Best Sports Gloves for Grip 


















Advantages/Uses of our sport glove.

  1.  whether your grip is strong or with zero strength the wrap around system gives more than 80 % of support and forms a firm grip.
  2. As it gives more than 80% of support there is no stress on the finger joints and as well wrist joint.
  3. As there is no stress of the weight you lifting in gym or you holding any object like racket , cricket bat or any other sport object, the joints are totally under no tension and  Gripeeze ® Sports Glove helps you to involve in any sport with total ease with out any pain. 

People with any kind of condition whether it is a stroke, arthritis or an injury, one can involve in any kinda sport with out a second thought wearing these glove, whether it is workout in the gym or any sport.

In the conditions like stroke where the hand muscles are week or paralyzed in these cases thumb’s support is crucial to form a grip as it will be affected, in the stroke patients the wrap around system takes over 100% job of the thumb. Our sports glove is perfect for the gym, physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

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