Gripeeze Sports Gloves go down a storm with Coach Vaughn

by mrgripeeze on July 6, 2016

Coach Vaughn over in California, USA contacted us through our social media to inform us how he had introduced the Gripeeze Sports Glove into his TRX Training Program for people who have been affected by strokes – which has led to them having severe grip issues. Coach Vaughn has sent over a short video demonstrating Carlos whom has suffered from a stroke and has now been put on the TRX Rehabilitation program. As you can see in the video, our glove now enables Carlos to attach his hand to the bar and exercise his muscles in which he could not do before using our Gripeeze Sports Glove.

Click Here To View The Video.Gripeeze-logo.trans copy

Video Description:

Carlos doing a TRX Training RIP Press for his stroke recovery. We are using Gripeeze Gloves to stabilize the bar. I’m spotting him and lightly pressing down on his shoulder to prevent shrugging and make him pack his lats in as he presses. He at first struggles, but he finds his plank by rooting his feet, locking in his hips, braces his core, and get into the groove of pressing. The TRX Rip trainer is asymmetrically loaded, so he has to use his ENTIRE body. This helps rebuild new motor pathways he needs from head to toe. This helps our training/rehab a lot. I’ve been doing TRX for years and grip was always an issue for post stroke . This has a major impact on he can maintain his stability. Great and amazing product you guys have.

I would just like to thank Coach Vaughn for all of his kind words and for the vision he has shown to incorporate the Gripeeze Sports Glove into his TRX Program to help stroke affected clients.

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