Gripeeze ® on Sports & Activities

by mrgripeeze on October 23, 2013

Gripeeze ® on Sports & Activities 

Though there are so many conditions that affects the functions of  hand, but fortunately the exercises that are done to overcome almost all these conditions are the same.

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Sports and activities for senior people

  • Walking is the most natural exercise of all and fits in with almost everyone’s lifestyle.
  • Gentle exercise classes provide great opportunities for social interaction and support.
  • Swimming is a good all round exercise and a great way to get fit.
  • Aqua aerobics is a group exercise class done in water and is very popular with older adults.
  • Golf is very good for stamina and leg strength if played regularly.
  • Weight training helps to keep bones and muscles strong.
  • Tai Chi is a martial arts form of exercise combining a physical workout, relaxation and skilled learning.
  • Gardening provides hours of enjoyment while improving your strength, flexibility and suppleness.
Grip-Aid Ltd UK has done profound research on variety of hand conditions and has come up with different gloves, mittens and devices for a number of activities and uses most of which are mentioned above. you can see more about our products on the website

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