Injured Jockey Fund

by mrgripeeze on June 16, 2014



The Injured jockey Fund is a rehabilitation centre for jockeys past and present, the racing workforce,

other sports men and women and those from the local community.

It provides rehabilitation at all levels as needed. This may range from short term treatment to assist a jockey’s return to the saddle quicker and stronger than otherwise possible,

through to lifelong treatment in the most severe cases to ensure the best possible quality of life under the circumstances may be maintained.


We had a enquiry a couple of weeks ago about supplying the Injured Jockey Fund some gloves for their clinic in Hungerford.

Great news, they have now ordered and are going to be using our Sports Glove and Elastic Tube for their rehabilitation programme.


This is one of our photographs but we are hoping to get some original pictures next week when i visit the Oaksey House.

I am really looking forward to it!

Keep checking our Blogs for future updates on our Gripeeze range!

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