Olympic inspired Kate makes her school hockey debut.

by mrgripeeze on March 17, 2017

Just before Christmas i posted a article about a lovely young girl Katie Arnold. Katie had been inspired by the Great Britain Ladies hockey team at the Olympics and wanted to play for her school team. Amniotic Band Syndrome olympic inspired hockey player  Amniotic Band Syndrome hockey school player Katie has a condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome, this is where her finger have not developed properly.

With having ABS it can be sometimes hard for her to hold certain objects because she doesn’t have the finger strength to hold onto in this case the hockey stick.


When she put our Gripeeze  Sports glove on, that instantly changed because she could actually  hold the hockey stick because of our simple but very effective strapping system.



Her PE teacher Miss Kelly Gore has kept me posted on how Katie has been progressing in not just hockey, but with all different sports, badminton, table tennis etc,  Kelly has been astounded by the versatility of the Gripeeze glove range, she thought its really quite staggering because of how simple it is to wrap the strapping system, but also the number of applications not only just for sport, it can be applied for.


Inclusion is a massive part of peoples lives because even if you you don’t choose to take part in an activity, its the knowing you can and having the choice, which  makes it acceptable.

So as you can see, Katie can now be included in a lot more everyday actives which is fantastic.


Amniotic Band Syndrome school hockey team

I think the smile on Katie’s face says  “Included”.

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