Pain In Your Hands – Gripeeze Gloves Relieve Pain In Your Hands

by mrgripeeze on November 5, 2013

 Gripeeze Gloves Relieve Pain In Your Hands 

In most conditions like multiple sclerosis(MS) arthritis and stroke,along with the other parts of the body, the whole upper extremity gets affected, except in carpal tunnel syndrome only the palm gets affected. At the same time the movements/functions of all these muscle groups also get affected causing severe or repetitive pain in your hands. 

  • Like flexion and extension, abduction and abduction of the fingers and thumb, due to the affected muscles of front and back palm. 

  • wrist flexion and extension due to the affected forearm muscles.

  • elbow flexion and extension due to affected biceps and triceps. 

  • all the function of the shoulders due to affected shoulder girdle muscles.

As the palm being the most common part that gets affected in all the above conditions. The Gripeeze ® range of products will help you to get back to your normal functions with out any dependency giving you less pain in your hands and more of a normal lifestyle see our customer testimonials or give us call direct to see which of our products may be best for you to – GET YOUR GRIP BACK! 


Have alook online at our website to BUY our full range of products. We also have a live chat agent who will be able to answer your questions.

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