Sports Therapist Gives the Breakdown on Gripeeze Gloves for Rehabilitation

by mrgripeeze on November 1, 2013

Sports Therapist Gives the Breakdown on Gripeeze Gloves for Rehabilitation

I am a level 5 qualified Sports Therapist with over 14 years experience
and run clinics throughout Merseyside.

There are many conditions that affect the hand, wrist and forearm.
Conditions include, inflammation due to arthritic conditions and R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Conditions specific to golf include: Medial Epicondilytis, Extensor
tendon injuries, wrist tendon injuries,Lateral Epicondilytis, Extensor

Tensynovitis and De Quervains disease.

The Grip Aid Ltd glove range are an innovative range of rehabilitation and
training aid gloves that can maintain or potentially reduce the pain
range associated with the range of conditions above and more. It works
by reducing the tension applied to specific tendons when hand and wrist
movements are made and enables the wearer to grip items whilst the
glove is enclosed ensuring stabilty and security.

I personally would recommend the gloves during rehabilitation phase for
Stroke patients and for patients who suffer arthritic conditons. I
believe this glove can enhance the daily life for those who have had to
reduce day to day activities such as DIY, Gardening and sport

In additon to the above the Grip par golf glove is an innovative
rehabilitation and training aid specific to the sport. It enhances the
stability of the hand and reduces the tension on the tendons in the
hand and wrist. It potentially helps to limit the inflammation on the
back of the hand which leads to Extensor Tenosynovitis.

Grip-Par Golf Glove Banner The NEW! Grip-Par Golf Gloves Recommended by PGA Coaches & Professionals (RNA Approved*)

I only have positive things to say about these new and
innovative gloves that are now in  the marketplace. I now recommend all these gloves  to my clients as part
of the recovery process where appropriate.

Gina M Riccio


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