Gripeeze gets you back to daily living – The Effects Of Stroke

by mrgripeeze on December 7, 2013

Gripeeze gets you back to daily living – The Effects Of Stroke

A stroke is a condition that limits the blood flow to our brain, the resulting damage may cause muscle paralysis (complete loss of strength) or paresis (partial loss of strength), making it difficult for certain muscles to move. It can turn everyday activities such as household chores, gardening and even operating a computer into a real hassle for your body.

 Due to the dysfunction caused by the paralysis/paresis of the muscles in the hands, arms and fingers, a simple action like griping an object becomes the most challenging of tasks.

 Despite of the medical treatments that are available today, in time you may discover that when attempting to gain the strength to achieve a sturdy grip it becomes difficult, and thereby leads to permanent disability. In order to overcome such difficulties, with profound research and development Gripeeze has created various hand gloves and a unique strapping system.

With the help of these gloves these every day activities will become easier to perform and at the same time reduces the dependability of others.


 Gripeeze gloves gets people back to physical activity because it helps to:

 Enhance grip control on a number of objects

 Improve sports performance & general activity

 Aid in rehabilitation & sports injury

 Lessen the chances of long term injury

 Combat RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)



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