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Dear Gripeeze. Thank you very much for the mitt.  I still had difficulty with that because my left hand was showing more than usual spasticity and we could not get my fingers to open out sufficiently.  However we persevered with the fingerless glove, pushing one finger home at a time. the end result was really excellent. My physiotherapist (who had originally found your website), was also enthusiastic. She has patients with a variety of problems and said she thought the mitten would be very suitable for patients with spinal cord injuries. She would be happy to discuss your gloves and give you her thoughts. Altogether I have no hesitation at all in recommending your company in terms of service and product to anyone needing this sort of help.

– Michael Reupke – Gripeeze Sports Glove & Gripeeze Support Glove



Great product did not have to hold the club too tightly and hit the ball further than usual

– Peter Lambert – Grip-Par Golf Glove


I hit the ball further and straighter and i didn’t have to grip the club as hard as usual

– Reg Lee – Grip Par Golf Glove


Ball travels further an extra 15 – 20 yrds

– Jeff Lee – Grip Par Golf Glove