Use Gripeeze® to over come Arthritis.

by mrgripeeze on January 3, 2013

Effect of Arthritis in cold weather

There are studies that suggest that low barometric pressures usually associated with damp and rainy conditions, could cause joints to swell in arthritis patients.  And same happens in the winters/cold weather. This swelling eventually leads to,

  1. stiffness 
  2. pain
  3. weak grip

Due to which performing any house hold chores or gardening will be a challenging task. In order to over come these challenges, Grip-aid has come up with a marvelous Gripeeze garden and home glove.



Various tasks can be performed wearing these glove, apart from gardening and chores, potting, bedding, watering plants, planting, and  brushing carpets also can be done. Our Videos on how to use this product.




This is the another wonderful glove that Grip-Aid has designed in UK, which offers complete support for the hand and enables you to hold objects, whilst your hand recovers from injury or rehabilitation.

By applying the strap over the knuckles, this unique strapping system relieves the tension from


  1. The muscles  
  2. Joints in the hand, Wrist and forearm.

This Gripeeze Elastic Tube Grip is wonderful solution for rehabilitating patients suffering with,

  • Arthritis
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis)
  • carpal tunnel syndrome and
  • sports and medical injuries.

Both these glove are made up of Rubber, PVC, Nylon, and synthetic leather, these are water proof, and keeps hands warmth. And available in different sizes for children and adults.

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