20 years of QVC promotion..

20 years of QVC promotion..

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Since becoming a vendor on QVC, it has opened all kinds of doors for my business.

I felt quite honored when QVC asked me to be a part of their feature in the Daily Telegraph on how they have helped new innovative products launch into the market.


The day consisted going down to QVC Headquarters at Chiswick and meeting the Daily Telegraph Journalist

Jean Vernon. She was a lovely lady and made me feel totally at ease speaking about my experiences of how I came up with the idea and to this present day of selling on QVC.


We then got invited back up into the studio with Richard Johnson, QVC’s Gardening Expert to do a photo shoot.

This was such great fun as it also gave us time to watch different companies sell live in the background.


GD7A3636        The article then came out on 21st February and it felt like christmas morning for me with the anticipation of

not knowing how the article would turn out. I was first in the 24hr garage to buy a copy as soon as it came in!

The article is fantastic and a huge thank you to Jean.


This is having a great knock on effect as it is starting to make my Gripeeze Glove a household name!

Here is the link to view the article online – Check it out!

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Prague Trip..

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Great but chilly trip to Prague..

I was fortunate last week to experience the beautiful city of Prague plus incorporating 2 successful meetings.

I had a chance to explore The Old town and visit Europe’s Largest Castle.


I met up with Vera from the company Stamed on the Thursday morning for a meeting which

went really well. She loved the simplicity and the strength of the gloves



Sampling the local cuisine Beef Stroganoff and also the local tipple.


Friday morning i was picked up by a Prague based company DMA and met with Thomas

and he introduced me to their family run business of 15 years. A very impressive set-up!



Stood outside the famous clock and watched the twelve o’ clock chime show.

The meetings went really well, I can see quite a few trips to Prague this year.

New Customer Feedback On Gripeeze Products..

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New Customer Feedback..

We have received some great new customer feedback from one of our customers called

Sue Oakley who decided to buy her son Dan some of our Gripeeze Elastic Tube Grips!


Now Dan, with the help of our Elastic Tube Grips can go out and have fun and ride

his trike without any grip problems or issues with his hands.


This is fantastic news, and we are glad that with the help of our Gripeeze products,

Dan is enjoying himself and doing something he loves.


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Gripeeze Garden Gloves Smash QVC Debut!

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Gripeeze Garden Gloves Smash QVC Debut!

I arrived at the QVC studios early on Sunday, it felt like i was a child on Christmas Day anticipating what the day would bring.

 I checked in and the people of QVC made me feel so welcome and gave me tips on what to say and do!

A huge thanks to Richard Jackson and Jackie Kabler for the encouragement, help, tips and advice they gave me for the show on selling my gloves!


I could not believe how in depth QVC actually do their selling! they do a minute by minute sales account that is graphed on the TV screen as you watch from the green room.

As you can see from the graph in the picture, we went off the scale at one stage.


Our Gripeeze Home & Garden Gloves were a complete sell out in just 6 minutes!

Everybody loved them and they was flying off the shelves.


Here is to looking forward to a long working relationship with QVC and we look forward to our next show!


If you would like to watch us on QVC here is a link we have uploaded on our Facebook page for you to watch.

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Gripeeze Goes BIG!

Gripeeze Goes BIG!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that we are going to be on QVC this coming

Sunday 28th September with our Gripeeze Home & Garden Gloves!!


This is great news for us and we are really excited about the opportunities this can bring for Gripaid.

It is crazy to think that a product I have created and made after all the hard work will now be on TV shown to thousands of people.

Make sure you get watching this Sunday.


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Feature on Gripehansken..

This is a feature done in a Norwegian Paper.

Gripehansken promote and sell our products out in Norway.

Well done Stian, keep up the good work!

Great Customer Feedback On Gripeeze Products…

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Great Customer Feedback!

A while ago we had a customer Greg Wynn, who had a stroke which paralysed the right side of his body.

He enjoyed working out but after his stroke he had little movement in his right hand so his parents decided to buy him our

Gripeeze Fingerless Mitten!

Greg Said: “I had not really gone back to the gym because I wasn’t able to grip anything so I felt unsteady on most of the apparatus.

Since I have more stability and a stronger grip in my right hand using The Gripeeze Fingerless Mitten,

it really has become more of a blessing to go to gym rather than a drag.

Thank you so much for this wonderful help!

cid_754[2]    cid_755[6]

This is great news for Greg and we wish him well in his recovery!

Get your Gripeeze Fingerless Mitten Today at:

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Gripeeze Now In The Runcorn and Widnes World




We have just seen the feature in The Runcorn and Widnes World.

It makes me feel proud what I have achieved in the last few years with my company!

It is only when you stand back and look from the outside that you can see all of this!

I would like to say a huge thanks to The Runcorn and Widnes World for this feature but also to Barbara Jordan

for taking the time to come and speak to me and find out about my business!

Check out the feature here!

Norwegian Cross Country Skier Hakon Olsrud Using Our Gripeeze Ski Glove!

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Norwegian Cross Country Skier Håkon Olsrud Using Our Gripeeze Ski Glove!

Hakon Olsrud is a cross-country skier over in Norway who has been trying out our Gripeeze Lightweight Ski Glove.

The feedback has been really good.

Here is a few facts about Hakon Olsrud:

- Håkon Olsrud, 29 years old.

- Exercise Amount; about 800 hours a year.

- Congenital limb deficiency on his right hand, prevents Hakon from one thing, using two poles without

utilities but with the Gripeeze Ski Glove he can use both poles.

norwegian skier

Gripeeze langrennshansken_Håkon01[2]

Here is some of his results for the season of 2013/14

- 6 pl. 20 km free, Oberstdorf, GERMANY, January 14

- 7 pl. 20 km classic, Canmore, CANADA December 13.

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New Customer Feedback For Gripeeze Products!

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Here is the latest new customer feedback for our Gripeeze Products.

I purchased an elasticated mitten for my rehab at the gym, having no functional grip with my left hand following brain surgery on a tumour,

 it was very difficult to stay on the equipment.

However, with my Gripeeze product I am looking forward to my sessions.

 An excellent product and first class service with great communication and a friendly service.

 I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

Thank you

 Andy Lee, West Lothian,Scotland,UK.

As you can see from the feedback our products help all kinds of people with different conditions or for the able bodied person.

Get you Gripeeze Products today at

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